‘Red Bag’ Pathway Scheme

The Versapak Patient Overnight Bag has been designed as part of the NHS Red Bag Pathway scheme and is a high quality, hard wearing and durable bag for transferring standardised medical information, medication and personal property of individuals when being transferred between their care home to hospital. Standardised paperwork is useful for ensuring all stakeholders (Nurses, doctors, carers) know the necessary information surrounding a patient such as general health and current medication. What’s more, this bag now incorporates Antimicrobial technology, which actively reduces the colonisation of bacteria such as MRSA & Ecoli.

This pathway is particularly useful as it reduces the strain on medical services by minimising the time taken for ambulance transfer times, A&E assessment times and reduces the number of avoidable hospital admissions. This Hospital Transfer Pathway Bag fulfils the requirements on the NICE guideline NG27: Transition between inpatient hospital setting and community or care homes.

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With a larger pocket for clothing and a smaller pocket to hold the patient’s personal items such as medication, identification or jewellery, the bag is secured with Versapak’s patented T2 Security Seal to ensure peace of mind for relatives of the patient and acts as a deterrent to those looking to tamper with any such items.

These bags were designed for:

  • The elderly;
  • Those who require assisted living;
  • And those with mental health issues

Patient Overnight Bag Features

  • Your Care Home name and address details pre-printed to save on lost bags
  • High quality durable, weather-resistant material
  • A clear document sleeve on the rear to fit patient’s standardised medical forms
  • A clear business card sized address window on the front to allow for patient identification
  • Available with Antimicrobial protection from bacterial infection
  • An easy-grip comfort carry handle
  • Removable bag for toiletries or medication inside the bag
  • Incorporates the New Versapak T2 tamper evident zip closure for Versapak T2 Security Seals
  • Tamper evident and traceable, when used with Versapak numbered or barcoded security seals

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