Face Protection Mask

The Face Protection Mask prevents large particles (such as saliva or mucus) expelled by another person to reach the wearer (but also vice versa) or in the working environment and protects the wearer from exposure to blood and/or body fluids from other persons or from the working environment, provided they are disinfected/sterilized after contamination.

It is made, stored, handled and transported according to the procedures developed within the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System.


1. Characteristics:

wrinkled, with elastic loop behind the ears;
– 7 mm metal band, which offers a better placement on the nose area;
– offers protection against spattering with blood and/or body fluids;
– made of 100% recyclable material;
– available in white color;
– it is not sterilized.


It is recommended to be used for:

Protecting sanctity in public places.

It cannot be used as a surgical mask.

This mask is not a medical product; it is not approved by the Ministry of Health, so it cannot guarantee protection against the Covid-19 virus and Versapak Romania does not assume this.


2. Technical details:

Composition: 100% polypropylene TNT/foam material, non-woven;
Density (gr/mp): 70 gr / mp;
Dimensions (mm; LxW): 17×9.5; elastic band: 30 cm x2;


3. Instructions for use:

– before putting on the mask, clean the hands with alcohol-based solution or with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds;
– cover the mouth and nose with the mask;
– the wearer makes sure that the mask is fixed on the face, by adjusting the metal mesh on the nose and that there are no gaps between the face and the mask, with the help of the elastic bands behind the ears;
– during use, the mask should not be touched; if you put your hands on it, your hands will be cleaned with alcohol-based solution or with soap and water for at least 20 seconds;
– the mask is replaced with a new one as soon as it is moistened, otherwise it loses its properties;
– removing the mask is done without touching it’s front part, but by removing the elastic bands behind the ears, action followed by immediate washing of hands with soap and water.


Price: – 6 lei with VAT/pcs .;

– for orders over 1000 pcs. the price is negotiated.