Blood in Transit Carrier

The Blood in Transit Carrier is specifically designed to transport blood in a tamper evident manner. It has been manufactured to the same rigorous standards as our UN3373 & P650 approved carriers to ensure the ultimate safety when transporting medical products.

The Blood in Transit Carrier has a modular design that includes the following:

  • the Versapak carrier;
  • T2 security seal, for a secure and safe transport and
  • the cooling mechanism that maintains the temperature up to 12 hours.

The modular design of the system packaging allows for the exact loading of cool bricks in order to meet specific temperature and runtime demands.

The unicity of this carrier is the multiple range of temperatures that it can cover: from -20° to +20°, with the basic range of 2 to 8° only by changing the cooling elements.

The Blood in Transit is manufactured with antimicrobial VersShield™ protection and is reusable for your peace of mind.