The bags for healthcare field are used to transport human blood, pathology samples, tissue and other products as well as , vaccines and medicines. Versapak Bbags are available in different sizes and colours and , can be customised. , Ttheir design makes themn highly impact-resistant and , they are lined and equipped with integrated and rigid protectors. They are made using the most modern Thinsulate insulation that guarantees a constant temperature of up to 6 hours. Working closely over time with hospitals and other medical institutions, the products are manufactured in accordance with UN 3373 and P650 to meet the European standards and complex requirements and international regulations concerning the transport of medical samples.

We have produced a wide range of medical bags, including bags for medical records, for cytotoxic products, ambulance bags, pouches for pharmacies, both medical facilities in the country and abroad. All Versapak bags can be reused for more than 2,000 times and have 5-year warranty.

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